gallery TATI / pottery studio "Jinjinyo"

We are located at the foot of Yambaru mountains  (the mountain areas of Kunigami County in Northern Okinawa) where you can see fireflies and feel the fairies of the forest. 


Our pottery studio's name is derived from The Kanji caracters for “Jinjinyo”, which means firefly and kiln.


In 2014 we built gallery TATI next to our studio, naming after Jacques TATI, the French comedian/film director. As he might not be as renowned as Chaplin or Keaton.  However, his works are unique and extraordinary, we wish to create works that might not be for everyone but have something special.




After getting off Kyoda IC, drive R58 up north.  Pass Michino-eki Ogimi, Emino mise (restaurant), Hentona High school, and you will find this turn in the photo below 1.5km after the turn of Kijoka. The turn is before the abridge with a sign with Yambarukuina.


Soon after turning right, turn right according to the sign instead of going straight crossing a bridge.

You will find a couple of similar signs before you arrive at the studio.

Please do not hesitate to call when you get lost.  It's quite complicated in fact!


◆We have no regular holidays.  Please contact in advance if you want to make sure we are open.



Gallery TATI&jinjinyo(YAMAGAMI Manabu)

1238-1 Takazato, Ogimi Village, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa 905-1301